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I am a journalist, writer and allround editor.┬áSince 2008 I specialize in writing about mindfulness, creativity and simplifying life. My articles are published in Flow Magazine, an international award wining magazine, based in the Netherlands. From 2010 to 2015 I was managing editor of Flow magazine, before I decided I would be happier as a freelancer. Turned out I was right. I still write for Flow magazine, but also do lots of other stuff. In a few weeks my first book will be published at Leaping Hare Press. It’s called “Creative Flow. A Year in My Mindful Live”. In this little book you’ll find 365 ways to stop being efficient and do something that will lift your spirit. In Creative Flow I use creativity, writing, reflecting, playing and even eating as tools to be mindful. My mission in life is simple: try to get people to leave the hamster wheel long enough to restart their creative mind.

PS. I’m Dutch, I live in Amsterdam with my husband Robin, my kids Suzy and Milo and our adopted dog Bientot. In my free hours I like to draw, read and work in my vegetable garden. My office is located in Midwest, an old school building in Amsterdam-West De Baarsjes.

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