I always love it when articles I wrote for the Dutch edition of Flow magazine, get translated for the International issues. In the German edition you can now find an article I wrote about Chalk board art. In the English edition you can read the article I wrote about the phenomenon of Ladies Drawing Nights and Social Sketch; people getting together to draw or make art.

Something I do myself btw, with two colleagues-turned-into-friends. We try to get together every month, but you know how it goes: before you know it it’s three months. But nevertheless I love it: it’s great drawing with others. We drink tea or wine, have some nibbles on the table, and of course lots of drawing and painting supplies; and just start. It’s way more fun then drawing alone. Read about it in Flow Magazine Issue 22 or buy the lovely book Ladies Drawing Night by Rachael Cole, Leah Goren & Julia Rothman (Chronicle Books).



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