Dit zijn de vertalingen tot nu toe van mijn tweede boek Nature Tonic, dat in 2019 uitkwam, en waarvoor Clare Owen de illustraties maakte. Ik vind dat best leuk 🙂

Vlog from Singapore

Just found this great review from Teoh Yi Chie alias Parka from Singapore about the Flow Book of Less, where he talks about one of my stories in it (the one about losing all of my pictures).  

Where makers make

Photographer Nina Voordes came by my office for her personal project “Waar makers maken” (Where makers make). She asked me questions about how I work, what I like about my workplace, and asked if I had some words of advice for other creatives. Meanwhile, she made beautiful pictures of me and my messy-desk-by-choice 🙂 You […]

De boom bij de bushalte, die meeuw boven je hoofd, het egeltje in je tuin; ze zijn belangrijker voor je dan je misschien denkt. Ik sprak met journalist Maartje Kouwen voor de podcast van de Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam over wat natuur met je doet, naar aanleiding van mijn boek Nature Moments. Beluister het hele interview […]

Bring your mom to work day

Last Friday I gave two Nature Moment-workshops at Bring Your Mom to Work Day at the headquarters of Flow and Libelle magazine. It was a wonderful event, and I was glad to be a part of it. The vibe in my little room was great, bursting with creative energy, people being captured by the ingenious […]

New pics

Just before her pregnancy leave the lovely Hanke Arkenbout did a photoshoot with me for my new book. She and I went to the beautiful Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam. Hanke is one of the few people who still shoot analogue, which I think is so fascinating. Instead of just clicking away, she only shoots two […]

In The Moment Magazine

“If we want to stay sane in this world, we’ve got to return to #nature.” Latest issue of In the Moment Magazine features part of my introduction of Nature Tonic. Portrait by Milan Vermeulen .

Book presentation Nature Moments

What a wonderful weekend to have the Nature Moments book presentation! There was sun, there were bees, dogs, old friends, new friends, family, colleagues, former colleagues, instagram friends. I got to tell them how this book came about, people started seeing nature with new eyes, there was beer, there were snacks, it was just a […]