Waarom ben ik begonnen met een studie Bos- en Natuurbeheer? De redactie van Flow magazine, om precies te zijn de leuke Caroline Buijs, vroeg mij dat eens uit te leggen voor de Flow Special ‘Wat wil je echt?’.

Interview Duitse Flow

In de Duitse Flow magazine staat nu een klein interview met mij over mijn gewoonte om elke dag bloemen te tekenen in elk stadium van bloei. Toen ik daar in 2015 mee startte was dat het begin van een nieuw contact met de natuur. Inmiddels laat ik mij omscholen tot ‘boswachter’. Het leven kan raar […]

Vlog from Singapore

Just found this great review from Teoh Yi Chie alias Parka from Singapore about the Flow Book of Less, where he talks about one of my stories in it (the one about losing all of my pictures).  

Bring your mom to work day

Last Friday I gave two Nature Moment-workshops at Bring Your Mom to Work Day at the headquarters of Flow and Libelle magazine. It was a wonderful event, and I was glad to be a part of it. The vibe in my little room was great, bursting with creative energy, people being captured by the ingenious […]

Take it Slow and start dancing

The latest issue of International Flow magazine features three of my articles. 1 Digging the Dancing Queen – For this feature, I investigated the benefits of dancing. Does dancing make you happy? What happens in your brain when you move to the music? The starting point of this investigation was the wonderful night I had […]

Flow 10 years!

Hip hip hooray for 10 years @flow_magazine !! This Dutch ten years’ jubilee issue features my ongoing personal project: flowers in different stages of bloom. A project that I started three years ago, just for fun. Because flowers never fail to make me happy. And Flow never fails to make me happy either.

My book in Flow magazine

I’m so happy with this lovely review of my book in Flow magazine. I’ve been working with Flow magazine since the very beginning, and I still do (and hopefully always will). They are great, and the first ever to start a magazine about mindfulness and creativity. My love and gratefulness for the two editors-in-chief Irene and […]

Ladies Drawing Night

I always love it when articles I wrote for the Dutch edition of Flow magazine, get translated for the International issues. In the German edition you can now find an article I wrote about Chalk board art. In the English edition you can read the article I wrote about the phenomenon of Ladies Drawing Nights […]