Omgaan met mindere dagen

Ontspannen omgaan met de mindere dagen in het leven? Hoe je dat doet, kun je lezen in ‘Handboek voor mindere dagen’ van Happinez’ hoofdredacteur Eveline Helmink. Happinez heeft er nu ook een online training bij ontwikkeld, die verder gaat waar het boek ophoudt. Hoe zorg je voor een diepe acceptatie van jezelf en van je […]

De boom bij de bushalte, die meeuw boven je hoofd, het egeltje in je tuin; ze zijn belangrijker voor je dan je misschien denkt. Ik sprak met journalist Maartje Kouwen voor de podcast van de Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam over wat natuur met je doet, naar aanleiding van mijn boek Nature Moments. Beluister het hele interview […]

New pics

Just before her pregnancy leave the lovely Hanke Arkenbout did a photoshoot with me for my new book. She and I went to the beautiful Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam. Hanke is one of the few people who still shoot analogue, which I think is so fascinating. Instead of just clicking away, she only shoots two […]

Book presentation Nature Moments

What a wonderful weekend to have the Nature Moments book presentation! There was sun, there were bees, dogs, old friends, new friends, family, colleagues, former colleagues, instagram friends. I got to tell them how this book came about, people started seeing nature with new eyes, there was beer, there were snacks, it was just a […]

Special limited edition + shop

To celebrate my new book, I made a surprise box in a very limited edition. It’s a… #Flowerstages Starters Kit. For people who love flowers just as much as I do. There are lots of goodies in there, handpicked by me. If you count the hours I’ve put into the box, it’s worth a thousand […]

Workshop Nature Tonic

Lately, I’ve been giving more workshops, more focussed on drawing nature, because of my second book: Nature tonic. In an hour or longer, I give different assignments around drawing natural objects. I’ll teach you how to draw them without stress and being distracted by your critical mind, but more as a way to connect with […]

Happinez Festival

Last weekend I attended the Happinez Festival as ‘an artist’: I gave a workshop every day in the Moon Yurt.  I talked about how creativity can help us to be more mindful, and how mindfulness helps us to be more creative. And how, in the end, these are all means to find little moments of […]

Look! my new book ready for pre-order!

Oh my! I just checked Amazon and saw that my next book is already out there to be pre-ordered. a bit soon, I would say, we’re still in the process of making it. But it looks so nice! This book is all about nature, and how to have a nature moment every day. Illustrated by […]