Waarom ben ik begonnen met een studie Bos- en Natuurbeheer? De redactie van Flow magazine, om precies te zijn de leuke Caroline Buijs, vroeg mij dat eens uit te leggen voor de Flow Special ‘Wat wil je echt?’.

Aardigste mens-verkiezing

Sinds een paar jaar organiseert True Persuasion, het bureau van overtuigingsexpert Pacelle van Goethem de ‘Aardigste mens’ verkiezing. True Persuasion nomineert mensen die zich hebben ingezet voor de goede zaak zonder daarbij te denken aan eigen gewin. Hun oog was gevallen op mijn initiatief Klimaattuin Slotermeer, en tot mijn verbazing stond ik tussen de twaalf […]

Where makers make

Photographer Nina Voordes came by my office for her personal project “Waar makers maken” (Where makers make). She asked me questions about how I work, what I like about my workplace, and asked if I had some words of advice for other creatives. Meanwhile, she made beautiful pictures of me and my messy-desk-by-choice šŸ™‚ You […]

New pics

Just before her pregnancy leave the lovely Hanke Arkenbout did a photoshoot with me for my new book. She and I went to the beautiful Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam. Hanke is one of the few people who still shoot analogue, which I think is so fascinating. Instead of just clicking away, she only shoots two […]

In The Moment Magazine

“If we want to stay sane in this world, we’ve got to return to #nature.” Latest issue of In the Moment Magazine features part of my introduction of Nature Tonic. Portrait by Milan Vermeulen .

Nature Tonic

Nature Tonic – the English version of my new book – you can buy: HERE. To be honest, some reviewers described my book better than I have myself, so I will quote them. Annie from Nonstop Reader posted this: “Nature Tonic: A Year in My Mindful LifeĀ is a year-long journaling guide with 365 mindfulness prompts […]

Take it Slow and start dancing

The latest issue of International Flow magazine features three of my articles. 1 Digging the Dancing Queen – For this feature, I investigated the benefits of dancing. Does dancing make you happy? What happens in your brain when you move to the music? The starting point of this investigation was the wonderful night I had […]

My book in Flow magazine

I’m so happy with this lovely review of my book in Flow magazine. I’ve been working with Flow magazine since the very beginning, and I still do (and hopefully always will). They are great, and the first ever to start a magazine about mindfulness and creativity. My love and gratefulnessĀ for the two editors-in-chief Irene and […]

In the Moment Magazine

InĀ The Moment Magazine asked me to write a little bit about a turning point in my life. I honestly tried to make it the 200 words they asked, but 200 became 350 words. Somewhat later the lovely editor-in-chief e-mailed me and asked me to add 700 more words, so they could make it into a […]

Review Stellar

  Victoria Stokes wrote about Creative Flow in the latest edition of the Irish magazine Stellar: “This cuter than cute workbook focuses on using creativity to cultivate awareness every single day and explores how we can embrace play and enjoy the precious moments in life. If the exercises to be completed over the course of […]