My first article in Happinez! I’ve been reading this gorgeous magazine regularly since the beginning, and I’m very proud of my first feature in it. It’s 9 pages! It made the cover! Woohoo! But that’s just because the subject is so interesting. How to tune in with your cycle to experience the benefits (whut?). It was a totally new concept for me, and it might be for you. If you’re Dutch, you can read it here on Blendle. If you’re English you have to wait a little, I think it will be in the international issue of Happinez. But meanwhile, check out the website of Claire Baker, who I interviewed. She is a cycle sync’er from Australia and she coaches women to tune in with their monthly flow. She says: “By tuning in and paying a little attention to your natural rhythm, you might find an intrinsic connection between your monthly flow and creative flow.” If you find your rhythm, you can move mountains, is what she says. And after a couple of months of trying it out, I can tell you that’s true.