A while ago Flow magazine asked me: “What did you wish you had known earlier in life?”

Well, I wished I had known that there was such a thing as herbalism…

I loved nature as a kid, and was intrigued by the fact that herbs and plants could be healing. But I only knew the books of some old lady called Klazien Uut Zalk, and she was so old and dusty, and my friends just laughed at me and well, I don’t know, I lost interest when I hit puberty 🙂 But now I’m older and the internet happened, and now I’m back with my old love. I started following an e-course Herbalism at the Herbal Academy and also got to know some great people through Instagram, like Rebecca Desnos, a natural dyer, who also makes Plants are Magic Magazine. In Dutch Flow issue 7 you can read all about my new-found old love. Pictures by Hanke Arkenbout.

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