Just before the global pandemic hit the world, I wrote an article about the other disaster that is taking place: climate change. Published this week in @flowmagazinenl. The issue of global warming and other man-made nature problems have been overshadowed a bit by the pandemic, but they haven’t gone away. As an individual I felt unable to do anything about it, and Ive been going back and forth between feeling depressed about it on one day and completely ignoring it the other. There was not much in between. Writing this article helped me to find some balance. I spoke to many people and I know what to do now. Remember, feeling depressed about climate change is common amongst a lot of people. We all feel helpless. We all don’t know if our own actions will do anything. Do it anyway. Because together we WILL make a change. If you are with me on this, show me in the comments 💚
The following weeks I will share some of the insights from the article. Thanks @klimaatgesprekken@jelmermommers @decorrespondent
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