Trektocht door de Maasduinen

Voor een verhaal in Flow magazine liep ik met mijn dochter Suzy (14 jaar) honderd kilometer door de Maasduinen. De trektocht is georganiseerd door IVN, samen met Reisbureau De Reisbrigade. Aanrader!

Attention is the new gold

Flow magazine’s last issue of 2019 features my story ‘Attention is the new gold’ (not sure if that is the correct translation :-). It’s about why we are so distracted and what we’d gain from more focus. With tips to protect you focus. I interviewed psychologist Mark Tigchlaar for this feature, as well as a […]

Lessons from Nature – Happinez

What can we learn from looking at nature? A LOT. If not everything. In the latest issue of @happinez I discuss “The Eight Master Lessons of Nature”, the new book by Gary Ferguson and included practical tips from my own book Nature Moments. I loved researching and writing this article, I’ve learned so many new things […]

Nature’s Medicin – Flow Magazine

A while ago Flow magazine asked me: “What did you wish you had known earlier in life?” Well, I wished I had known that there was such a thing as herbalism… I loved nature as a kid, and was intrigued by the fact that herbs and plants could be healing. But I only knew the […]