Just before her pregnancy leave the lovely Hanke Arkenbout did a photoshoot with me for my new book. She and I went to the beautiful Kralingenbos in Rotterdam. I had never been there before, but it’s close to where she lives and I’d always wanted to go there, it’s a famous city park.

Hanke is one of the few people who still shoots analogue, which I think is so fascinating. Instead of just clicking away, she only shoots two films, and she has to be very precise when she clicks. I made the whole process is very mindful. She was very calm and focussed. I couldn’t see the pics in between, so I just had to trust her, which I did, of course, I am a big fan of her work, but still… I’m so used to being able to see the pictures in between two shoots 🙂 Since Hanke and I both were really excited about the little flowers everywhere in the park, and my new book is about nature, a lot of those ended up in the cut as well (my dog did too :-).


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